What’s BIM?

Building Information Modelling – BIM – is the digitization of the construction sector, utilizing three-dimensional BIM Objects (digital models of real-world products) for the design, construction and management of built assets. BIM models contain intelligent data that allows for highly coordinated documentation and model geometry for higher-quality and cost-effective construction projects. BIM, instead of 2D design and drawing is the new paradigm, fostering new cooperation, innovation and building lifecycle savings.


The BIM Library

BIM Library East Africa – the BLEA – is a collection of BIM-ready construction products for the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry in East Africa. The Blea is a vendor-neutral platform featuring construction products available for sale from leading brands, both local and international. Listed products are also available as BIM Objects, i.e. digital models of the same products. BIM Objects found within the Blea are used by architects, designers, engineers, contractors, and owners in virtual building and facility management.

BIM Objects within the Blea exist as high-resolution images and 3D parametric models with embedded information. Key data contained in the BIM Objects include product description, catalogue details, manufacturer details, product durability, maintenance requirements, and operating instructions. Feel free to go through our list of products and download product models for your project use. You can also select to buy the products directly from our platform and have them delivered to your site.

Designers’ Hub

The Blea is an information resource site for building designers and specifiers across East Africa. Designers and specifiers can access curated information on a variety of construction products that are available in the market. BIM Objects found within the Blea enable designers to go BIM!

Online Shop

Designers, contractors, builders, and owners can now buy quality-assured construction products from leading brands through the Blea, and have them delivered to their site at discounted prices. The Blea features numerous products for sale, and is the ideal construction superstore!

Digital Modelling

We enable manufacturers to be on the forefront in having their products BIM-ready and easily accessible to industry professionals for use in virtual building and facility management. We create digital models, of products and built assets, of the highest standards. We translate existing CAD designs to BIM content for ease of use by building designers and facility managers.

Manufacturers’ Pinboard

There’s no better space as a manufacturer to best present information on your products and services to the East African construction market. The Blea presents the best platform for you to link directly to building designers, specifiers, developers, contractors and owners, to showcase your product offering to the right group of people, when the information is most needed.