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BIM and the BLEA

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a digital representation of a building or infrastructure project that enables architects, engineers, and builders to collaborate more effectively and efficiently. The BLEA offers a variety of BIM resources, including BIM models, BIM software, and BIM training, making it a valuable resource for construction professionals who are looking to adopt BIM or improve their BIM skills.

Benefits for Manufacturers

The BLEA platform provides manufacturers with a unique opportunity to connect with designers, facility managers, and owners at the early design stages of construction. By making their products BIM-ready, manufacturers can reduce the risk of value engineering and ensure that their products are specified and used correctly in construction projects.

BIM Objects

BIM objects are three-dimensional digital models of construction products that contain detailed information about the product’s geometry, specifications, and performance. The BLEA offers free BIM object hosting services, making it easy for manufacturers to distribute their BIM objects to designers and other construction professionals.

Early Adoption of BIM

Manufacturers who adopt BIM early gain a significant competitive advantage. By making their product catalogues available in the form of BIM objects, manufacturers can increase the visibility and accessibility of their products to designers, specifiers, and owners. This can lead to increased sales and market share.

The BLEA Platform

The BLEA online platform provides buyers with 24/7 access to product information and BIM objects. This information is verified by manufacturers before it is added to the platform, ensuring that buyers have access to accurate and up-to-date information. Buyers can also purchase products directly from the BLEA online store, which is available on both web and mobile.

Our platform provides a unique opportunity for manufacturers to connect with the AEC industry and market their products more effectively. By getting their products BIM-ready and making them available on the BLEA platform, manufacturers can gain a competitive advantage and increase their sales.

Get your products BIM ready

Let’s collaborate on creating your very own collection of Manufacturer BIM Object Catalogues. 

BIM Content Creation

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Benefits for Owners

BIM is the digitisation of construction processes and can also be used by building owners to manage their projects more effectively and efficiently from start to finish.

Benefits of BIM for Owners

  • Reduced costs: BIM can help to reduce costs by improving planning and coordination, identifying and resolving potential conflicts early on, and reducing the need for change orders.
  • Improved quality: BIM can help to improve the quality of construction by providing a more accurate and complete understanding of the project design. This can help to reduce errors and omissions and ensure that the project meets the owner’s requirements.
  • Reduced risk: BIM can help to reduce risk by identifying and mitigating potential problems early on. This can include risks associated with design, construction, and long-term operation and maintenance.
  • Improved asset management: BIM can be used to manage building assets throughout their lifecycle, from design and construction to operation and maintenance. BIM models can be used to track asset conditions, schedule maintenance activities, and identify potential problems before they occur. This can help to extend the life of assets and reduce operating costs.

The BLEA offers a variety of BIM resources for owners, including:

  • BIM education: The BLEA offers a variety of BIM training courses and workshops to help owners learn more about BIM and how to use it to improve their projects.
  • BIM consulting: The BLEA offers BIM consulting services to help owners develop and implement BIM strategies for their projects.
  • BIM project management: The BLEA can help owners manage their BIM projects, including the development and coordination of BIM models, and the use of BIM for communication and collaboration.

The BLEA also offers a BIM library that contains BIM objects for a wide range of construction products. These BIM objects can be downloaded for free and used in BIM software.

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If you are an owner considering using BIM for your next project, the BLEA can help you to get started. Contact us today to learn more about our BIM resources and services.