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Benefits for Manufacturers

The architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry is experiencing a technological revolution, the BIM revolution! Building Information Modelling – BIM – provides the opportunity for manufacturers of construction products to link directly to designers, facility managers and owners, at the design stages of construction. Having products BIM-ready thus reduces the risk of contractors, quantity surveyors, and others undermining the designer’s intent and the manufacturer’s skills by value engineering. Designers are presented with the opportunity to specify the particular products they require for their projects using BIM objects. BIM utilises three-dimensional digital models (BIM objects) embedded with information to help designers and specifiers get a clear understanding of how products will function practically in their projects. At the Blea, we offer product modelling (BIM Object Authoring) services, and free BIM objects hosting services. BIM objects featured in our BIM Library are available to designers free of charge.

Early adoption of BIM by manufacturers presents them with a market advantage, as building designers across Africa can easily access their product catalogues in the form of BIM objects. This offers manufacturers a significant competitive advantage as product offerings will be more visible & accessible to designers, specifiers and owners. This new information-driven age requires that product information be readily available to buyers, and conveniently so. Through the Blea online platform, product information is made available to buyers 24/7. We ensure that all information relating to the products is verified by manufacturers before adding it to the BIM objects. We go a step further in our bid to open up the construction products market by making it easy to access and purchase the products through our online store available on both web and mobile. Listed products that are available on the Blea platform present designers & buyers with the ability to make more informed design and purchasing decisions.

BIM objects created by us use industry-proven standards to capture full equipment data in a way that maximises interoperability between BIM applications. BIM Objects contain information as well as model geometry, this includes operating parameters, usage data, service history, replacement price and links to other manufacturer data. Combined with a fully rendered 3D depiction of the equipment, the BIM Object creates a powerful tool for designers, specifiers, and facility managers. Your product catalogues, in digital form, can be readily accessed for free by designers for design proposal and specification purposes.

Get your products BIM ready

As a manufacturer, you need to be at the forefront in getting your products BIM-ready and easily accessible to designers for use in virtual building and facility management. The Blea platform creates the opportunity for you to link directly with AEC industry professionals across East Africa, by presenting your product catalogues as BIM Objects for use in all stages of construction.

Let’s collaborate on creating your very own collection of Manufacturer BIM Object Catalogues. 

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