Measured Building Survey using High-tech Equipment


If by chance you've been in a similar 'entanglement' situation, you will agree with me that this is rather stressful. A tangled tape measure on a job site is similar to jumping onto a bus only to realise that you've left your wallet at home. It's a real buzzkill.

Carrying out survey work, such as As-Built Surveys for design work, needs a great deal of patience and accuracy. The process begins with the surveyor listing down all the data that’s required from the exercise. The next step is usually drawing up a sketch(es) of the space to enter the measured data. An existing floor plan of the space can be of great help but in most cases, it’s just not available. What happens next is the not so fun part of pulling out your tape measure and getting measurements of the key elements of the space. In most instances, this may require the use of the 25-foot (7.5m) tape measure and a camera with high resolution. In certain jobs, the 100-foot (30m) tape measure is ideal.

The process involves taking a lot of measurements, at the end of which small details such as the straightness of the tape measure and the overlapping of the tape stop becoming noticeable. This, in turn, leads to data that’s not quite accurate. The only true fix for this is using computer-assisted drafting (CAD) to reconcile the dimensions. It’s how we’ve always done it, it’s effective… somewhat.

“A good tool improves the way you work. A great tool improves the way you think.” JEFF Duntemann

But what if there was a better way of doing our surveys, one without so much hustle and inconsistencies? I’ve got some great news for you, there is! We can use high-tech digital measures and smart software and gadgets to make measured building survey smooth and efficient.

High-tech Surveying Equipment: What's out there

Undertaking a measured building survey has never been easier. This is made possible through using modern surveying techniques and the measuring tools listed below:

  • Smartphone or tablet
  • Laser measures/ range-finders
  • On-site Measuring App; linked to measuring equipment
  • 3D laser scanner; Scan-to-BIM technology

There is a way to work smart and enjoy the entire surveying experience. With an almost inexistent learning curve, making the shift from manual measurement to digital is easy. Most modern equipment is easy to use; with intuitive design that makes taking measurements a matter of point-and-click.

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