Bosch D-TECT 200 C Professional Wall Scanner/ Universal Detector


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  • Radar technology – indicating the correct material with reliability, for advanced precision in the detection of common objects
  • Four different object views – convey results in various situations
  • Depth indication – provides depth view while detecting live and non-live cables, metal and plastic pipes, as well as being a stud finder
  • Leakage detection – allows fast discovery of a leak
  • Screenshot feature – supports quick-and-easy documentation, which can be saved and transferred to a computer for further analysis
  • USB-C™ and SD card slot – enables quick data transfer
  • Spot view – delivers fast results and measurements in small places to scan (such as corners)
  • Accurate deep detection – supplies an up to 200 mm measuring depth of metals to detect even deep objects
  • Large display – furnishes easy viewing and clear readability, incorporating a 3.5-inch colour display
  • Intuitive user interface – gives a clear illustration of detected objects
  • Bosch 12V Max Li-ion battery compatible – provides outstanding runtime
  • USES: Intended for The measuring tool is intended for the detection of objects in walls, ceilings and floors.


The Bosch D-TECT 200 C Professional is a wall and floor scanner that features radar technology, which is accurate and reliable, indicating the correct material. The Bosch D-TECT 200C 12V Max Wall/Floor Scanner delivers advanced precision. Not just a stud finder, it detects live and non-live cables, rebar, metal, plastic pipes, and wooden studs, with depth indication of the object. It has leakage detection, which allows fast discovery of a leak. The scanner’s screenshot feature supports quick-and-easy documentation. It can be saved and transferred to a computer for further analysis.

The product software can be updated remotely. The USB-C™ and SD card slot enables quick data transfer. The spot view delivers fast results and measurements in small places to scan (such as corners), and the scanner provides about a 20 cm. measuring depth to detect even deep objects. The 3.5-inch colour display provides clear readability, and the user interface is intuitive, providing a clear illustration of detected objects. It runs on Bosch 12V Max Li-ion batteries for outstanding runtime.

Bosch D-TECT 200 C Professional Wall Scanner/ Universal Detector available at the Blea Store



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BOSCH Calibration Service

Bosch calibration service ensures extremely high levels of precision in your measuring tools are maintained. Anyone who uses construction laser and levels has to be sure that they function reliably and that they meet the required standards. For this reason, we recommend an annual inspection of your instruments by the Bosch calibration service – which is fast, precise and reliable.

Bosch service centre with its highly qualified personnel and quick lead times is available to you whenever you need it. The calibrations meet the requirements of ISO 9 001(Control of inspection, measuring and test equipment). You will receive a certificate including documentation of all measured values.

Your Calibration Service
  • Instrument is cleaned
  • Measuring accuracy is inspected
  • If necessary: instrument is adjusted
  • Calibration certificate
  • Instrument is returned within 5 working days

Additional information

Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 231 × 106 × 112 mm

Multi Detector



Model Number:

0 601 081 600

Max. Detection Depth:

200 mm

Bosch Radar Technology:


Detectable Objects:

magnetic metals (e.g. iron), non-magnetic metals (e.g. copper), live cables, non-live cables, Empty plastic pipes, water-filled plastic pipes, wooden substructures

Detection Depth, Dry Concrete, Max.:

200 mm

Detection Depth, early age concrete, max.:

60 mm

Detection Depth, other wall types, max.:

80 mm

Detection Depth, wooden substructures, max.:

38 mm

Accuracy of object centre measurement:

±5 mm

Accuracy of indicated object depth (In dry Concrete):

±5 mm

Accuracy of indicated object depth (In early age Concrete):

±10 mm


Object view, Spot view, Signal View 2D, Signal View

Wall Types:

Brick/Universal, Concrete, Drywall, Panel Heating, Early age concrete, Horizontal coring brick, Vertical coring brick

Documentation Via:

USB-C, SD-card



Material Identification:

Live cable, Magnetic metal, Non-magnetic metal, Non-metal material

Power Supply:

12 V Li-Ion battery, 4 x 1.5 V LR6 (AA), 4 x 1.2 V HR06 (AA)

Approx. Operating Time, Rechargeable Battery (Li-ion):

6 h

Approx. Operating Time, Non-rechargeable Batteries (alkaline manganese):

2 h

Dust and Splash Protection:




Ideal For Detecting:

• Plastic pipes (e.g. water-filled plastic pipes, such as underfloor or wall heating pipes, etc. with a diameter of at least 10 mm, or empty pipes with a diameter of at least 20 mm in solid surrounding material)
• Electrical cables (regardless of whether live or not)
• Three-phase power cables (e.g. to oven)
• Low-voltage cables (e.g. doorbell, telephone, network, smart home)
• All types of metal pipe, rod or carrier (e.g. steel, copper, aluminium)
• Reinforcing steel
• Wooden beams
• Cavities
• Also suitable for leakage detection, distance measurement


• The measuring tool checks the substrate of the sensor area. Objects that are different from the material of the wall are detected.
• If multiple objects are located over each other in the wall, the display will indicate the object whose surface is nearest to the measuring tool.

What’s Included in the Package:

• 1 Unit Wall Scanner D-TECT 200 C (0 601 081 600)
• Pouch
• 4 x 1.5 V LR6 battery (AA)
• Battery adapter (1600A017HF/1600A017HH)
• USB-C™ Cable

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