Bosch GCL 2-50 C Professional Line Laser


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  • Bluetooth® connectivity – controls the operation of the laser from across the room with your smartphone and the free Bosch Levelling Remote App
  • Dual Power Source allows for a 12 V-Li-ion battery or standard alkaline batteries for increased flexibility
  • Precise alignment of laser lines around centred plumb points with the manual RM 2 or motorised RM 3
  • The intuitive user interface offers easy operation
  • Robust construction – IP54 ensures splash water/dust protection for years of dependable operation
  • High Accuracy - providing an accuracy of ± 0.3 mm/m and has a range of up to 50 m distance
  • USES: The measuring tool is intended for determining and checking horizontal and vertical lines.
  • The measuring tool is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

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The Bosch Combi laser GLL 2-50 C Professional offers many smart functions for maximum efficiency. A Bluetooth®-connection provides remote-control adjustments via a smartphone app, while Dual Power Source allows 12 V Li-ion or standard alkaline batteries for added flexibility. For precise positioning around the centred plumb points, the optional RM 3 Professional offers motorised control, and RM 2 Professional allows for manual adjustments.

It is designed for horizontal and vertical alignments with a long overshoot of nearly 360° and is suitable for projects such as drywall installation and interior finishing.  The GCL 2-50 C Professional’s horizontal and vertical laser lines and two-centred plumb points offer optimal visibility of up to 20 m without a receiver and 50 m with a receiver.


BOSCH Professional Tools & Accessories

Bosch Professional Power Tools have been developed with speed, reliability and flawless execution in mind to help users complete the most arduous tasks professionally. It provides a complete solution for every project by having the needed accessories, a mobility system for transportation and storage, service offers and mobile solutions for your smartphone.

Users are assured of full control with this value proposition and results that would exceed customers’ expectations.

BOSCH Calibration Service   

Bosch calibration service ensures extremely high levels of precision in your measuring tools are maintained. Anyone who uses construction laser and levels has to be sure that they function reliably and that they meet the required standards. For this reason, we recommend an annual inspection of your instruments by the Bosch calibration service – which is fast, precise and reliable.

Bosch service centre with its highly qualified personnel and quick lead times is available to you whenever you need it. The calibrations meet the requirements of ISO 9 001(Control of inspection, measuring and test equipment). You will receive a certificate including documentation of all measured values.


Your Calibration Service

  • Instrument is cleaned
  • Measuring accuracy is inspected
  • If necessary: instrument is adjusted
  • Calibration certificate
  • Instrument is returned within 5 working days

Additional information

Weight 0.600 kg
Dimensions 136 × 55 × 122 mm

Combi Laser



Model Number:

0 601 066 G70, GCL 2-50 C

Laser Diode:

635 – 650 nm, < 10 mW

Laser Class:


Working Range with Laser Receiver, Value:

5 – 50 m

Working Range without Receiver:

20 m


2 lines / 2 points

Levelling Accuracy:

± 0.3 mm/m

Plumb Point Accuracy:

± 0.7 mm/m

Operating Temperature:

-10 – 50 °C

Storage Temperature:

-20 – 70 °C

Self-Levelling Range

± 4°

Levelling Time:

4 sec

Tripod Thread:


Colour of Laser Line:


Compatible Laser Receivers:

LR 6, LR 7

Dust and Splash Protection:

IP 54 ( dust and splash-proof)

Power Source:

Battery – Lithium-ion

Power Supply:

4 x 1.5 V LR6 (AA)

Battery Operating Time (max):

Approx. 18 hrs (Li-ion), 10 hrs (4 X AA) in cross-line and point operation
25 h (Li-Ion) and 16 h (4 x AA) in cross-line operation
35 h (Li-Ion) and 28 h (4 x AA) inline operation
60 h (Li-Ion) and 32 h (4 x AA) in point operation

Ideal For:

• Suspending drop ceilings
• Building floors
• Installing windows
• Mounting shelves
• Laying drainage pipes
• Building framework for drywall
• Laying tiles.




• For marking, always use only the centre of the laser point or the laser line; laser point & laser linewidth change with distance
• Laser Viewing Glasses (Accessory); filter out the ambient light making the red light of the laser appear brighter for the eyes
• Working with the Tripod (Accessory); offers a stable, height-adjustable support surface for measuring.
• Working with the Universal Holder (Accessory); enables one to secure the measuring tool on vertical surfaces, pipes or magnetisable material.
The universal holder is also suitable for use as a building tripod and facilitates height adjustment of the measuring tool.

Warranty & Support:

1-year warranty

What’s Included in the Package:

• 1 Unit Bosch GCL 2-50 C Professional Line Laser
• Rotating mount RM 2 Professional (0 601 092 700)
• Protective Bag
• Laser Target Plate
• 4 x 1.5 V LR6 battery (AA)
• AA1 Alkaline battery adapter (1 608 M00 C1B)


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