Bosch GKS 18V-57 Cordless Circular Saw


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  • Performance – a fast sawing rate and long runtime thanks to a powerful motor and 5.0 Ah batteries
  • Robust design – for every application on the job site, even on a roof or scaffold
  • Increased user protection due to fast motor brake which stops the saw blade immediately
  • Everyone can choose sides – a hand-held circular saw that can also have the saw blade on the right-hand side
  • USES: It is intended for making straight cuts in wood with and against the grain and mitre cuts in wood while resting firmly against the workpiece


In stock


The Bosch GKS 18V-57 Cordless Circular Saw is the battery-powered all-rounder for all robust sawing jobs. This power tool is intended for making straight cuts in wood with and against the grain and mitre cuts in wood while resting firmly against the workpiece.


Get robust cutting performance with the Bosch GKS 18V-57 Cordless Circular Saw. Make precise and fast cuts even on roofs and scaffoldings with a powerful motor and 360-degree circular sawing motion. This cordless tool works with 5 Ah batteries for all-round performance.

The Bosch GKS 18V-57 is the best circular saw, ergonomically designed to be hand-held with ease and control both on the left and right side. It comes equipped with an LED light to illuminate the area of work and an intelligent brake system to stop the tools from functioning whenever necessary for higher protection. It can cut through even 42/57 mm wood planks with ease.


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  • Parts subject to wear are checked, lubricated and replaced if required
  • Tools are cleaned inside
  • 1-month warranty on all replaced parts

Additional information

Weight 3.4 kg
Dimensions 346 × 243 mm

Circular Saw



Model Number:

0 601 6A2 200, GKS 18V-57

No-load Speed :

3,400 rpm

Saw Blade Diameter:

165 mm

Saw Blade Bore Diameter:

20 mm

Base Plate Dimensions:

252 x 194 mm

Power Source:

Battery – Lithium-ion

Battery Voltage:

18 V

Battery Capacity:

5.0 Ah



Max. Cutting Capacity in Wood (90°):

57 mm

Max. Cutting Capacity in Wood (45°):

39 mm



Sound Pressure Level:

80 dB(A)

Sound Power Level:

91 dB(A)

Uncertainty K:

3 dB


Additional Information:

Warranty & Support:

1-year warranty

Bosch provides repair and calibration services at the local service centres. Tel: +254 711 11 55 66.

What’s Included in the Package:

• GKS 18V-57 Circular Saw
• Dust extraction adapter
• Internal hexagon
• Parallel guide
• Sawblade
• Cardboard box


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