Bosch LR 6 Professional Laser Receiver


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  • Handy receiver for indoor and outdoor use for ranges of up to 50 m
  • Heavy-duty magnets – for secure attachment to metal surfaces
  • Adjustable audio – gives clear signal of on-grade positioning, adjusts to worksite noise levels
  • Dual-sided LED indicator – for easy visual readout on both sides of the receiver
  • Quick-release mounting bracket – makes receiver easy to position, attaches on levelling rod
  • Alignment of the laser beam plane, visual and audible signals, for working in various lighting conditions
  • Dust and splash protection (IP54)
  • USES: The laser receiver is intended to quickly find pulsating laser beams.
  • The laser receiver is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

In stock


The Bosch LR 6 Professional Line Laser Receiver allows users Line Lasers to receive the line further, with precision. The LR 6 makes line laser detection possible at distances up to 50 m. It extends its operation outdoors, in bright-light conditions, or catches beams midair when there is no surface to see the beam on.

The receiver’s dual-sided LED arrow indicators make the receiver more flexible, and it has a volume-adjustable audio signal that gives clear on-grade position indication and an accuracy button for fine or coarse adjustment. For mounting options, the receiver has built-in heavy-duty magnets that securely attach to metal surfaces, allowing easy setup on suspended-ceiling installations. The LR 6 includes a click-in mounting bracket, for simple and secure assembly, especially to a levelling rod. An LCD arrow display and selectable audio signal give clear on-grade position to ensure accuracy of +/-1 mm fine (+/-3 mm coarse).


BOSCH Professional Tools & Accessories

Bosch Professional Power Tools have been developed with speed, reliability and flawless execution in mind to help users complete the most arduous tasks professionally. It provides a complete solution for every project by having the needed accessories, a mobility system for transportation and storage, service offers and mobile solutions for your smartphone.

Users are assured of full control with this value proposition and results that would exceed customers’ expectations.

BOSCH Calibration Service   

Bosch calibration service ensures extremely high levels of precision in your measuring tools are maintained. Anyone who uses construction laser and levels has to be sure that they function reliably and that they meet the required standards. For this reason, we recommend an annual inspection of your instruments by the Bosch calibration service – which is fast, precise and reliable.

Bosch service centre with its highly qualified personnel and quick lead times is available to you whenever you need it. The calibrations meet the requirements of ISO 9 001(Control of inspection, measuring and test equipment). You will receive a certificate including documentation of all measured values.


Your Calibration Service

  • Instrument is cleaned
  • Measuring accuracy is inspected
  • If necessary: instrument is adjusted
  • Calibration certificate
  • Instrument is returned within 5 working days

Additional information

Weight 0.120 kg
Dimensions 123 × 69 × 28 mm

Laser Receiver



Model Number:

0 601 069 H00, LR 6

Working Range:

5 – 50 m

Type of Receiver:

Combi- and line lasers

Reception Angle:

90 °C

Measuring Accuracy:

(fine/rough): ± 1 mm/± 3 mm

Operating Temperature:

-10 – 50 °C

Storage Temperature:

-20 – 70 °C

Dust and Splash Protection:

IP 54 ( dust and splash-proof)

Power Source:


Power Supply:

2 x 1.5 V LR03 (AAA)

Battery Operating Time (max):

Approx. 30 hrs




• For marking, always use only the centre of the laser point or the laser line; laser point & laser linewidth change with distance
• Laser Viewing Glasses (Accessory); filter out the ambient light making the red light of the laser appear brighter for the eyes
• Do not use the laser goggles as protective goggles. The laser goggles make the laser beam easier to see; they do not protect you against laser radiation.
• Do not use the laser goggles as sunglasses or while driving. The laser goggles do not provide full UV protection and impair your ability to see colours.

Warranty & Support:

1-year warranty

What’s Included in the Package:

• 1 Unit Laser Receiver LR 6 (0 601 069 H00)
• 2 x 1.5 V LR03 battery (AAA)


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