DREMEL® Sanding Band & Mandrel 6.4 mm 60 Grit (430)


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    • USES: Ideal for rough shaping and smoothing wood and fibreglass, removing rust from metal surfaces, and shaping rubber surfaces
    • Sanding bands are easily replaceable on drums
    • Head size is 6.4 mm diameter
    • Sanding drum with mandrel

The Dremel 430 accessory is a small sanding mandrel and sanding band (Grit P60). Dremel Sanding Drum Mandrel. The Drum Mandrel holds a Sanding Band covered with aluminium oxide abrasive. Sanding Bands are sold separately.

What can you do with it?

Sanding bands will generally remove finish and material (wood or other soft material). These bands are also used for (rough) shaping and smoothing or rust removal from metal. If you want to remove just finish, consider something less aggressive like a flap wheel (no. 502 or 504), or a buff like the no. 511S/512S or 511E/512E.

How to use?

The physical appearance of the band indicates what grit it is, the larger the bumps the lower the grit.

Sanding bands are available in 120 and 60 grit. The lower the grit, the more material is removed.

Use the sides of the bands to do the sanding.

Sanding bands will wear out and are replaceable by loosening the screw on the top of the drum or using the DREMEL exclusive EZ Speedclic sanding drum, for even faster band replacement.

Materials to use on

These bands can be used to sand / smooth softer materials like hardwood, softwood, plastic, fibreglass, aluminium but also for rust removal of metal types, like steel.

Can shape rubber surfaces.

Recommended speed (R.PM):

  • Hardwood: 10 – 35,000
  • Softwood: 10 – 35,000
  • Aluminium: 35,000
  • Brass: 35,000
  • Ceramic: 1035,000
  • Copper: 2535,000
  • Plastic: 1020,000
  • Stone: 1035,000
  • Shell :1035,000
  • Steel: 35,000                                                                    


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Additional information


Rotary Tools Accessories



Model Number:




Maximum RPM:

35,000 1/min

Shank Diameter(mm):

3.2 mm

Working Diameter:

6.4 mm


60 Grit sander bands



What’s Included in the Package:

• Quantity: 2 ( sanding mandrel and sanding band – Grit P60 )

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