Eurofix Tile Adhesive


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  • High bonding strength
  • Economical; 25kg bag of Eurofix Adhesive covers 5 – 6 SQM
  • Easy to prepare; only mix with water
  • Waste Free; using a thin layer of adhesive of 3-6 mm
  • USES: Ideal for laying tiles and fixing tiles on the walls, floors, swimming pools, etc.


In stock

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Eurofix Tile Adhesive is a superior multifunctional adhesive for tiling. Eurofix tile adhesive has been achieved by using the latest bonding technology making it easy and friendly to use. It stands as the best adhesive solution for builders and contractors. The tile adhesive is packaged in 25kg bags; one bag covers 5 – 6 mcompared to 1 m2 covered by ordinary cement.




Eurofix Industries limited is a manufacturing company that specializes in the production of premium adhesives for ceramic tiles, granite and marble projects for over 15yrs in Istanbul, Turkey.

Eurofix has been manufacturing premium adhesives for ceramic tiles, granite and marble projects for over 15 years in Istanbul, Turkey. Eurofix’s Adhesive products are developed and tested for handling the most severe conditions on stone and the bonded area. Eurofix has experience in developing high-performance products for tiles, granite and marble.

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Weight 25 kg

Tile Adhesive



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Tile Adhesive

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25 Kgs


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