Sollatek Automatic Voltage Regulator – AVR 1200 (AVR05-22)


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  • High-voltage Protection
  • Low-voltage Protection
  • Spikes and Surges Protection
  • Basic Lightning Protection
  • Power-Back Surge Protection
  • USES: Suitable for all applications for domestic and small office use.
  • Ideal protection for Satellite/VSAT, Telecomm Equipment, Multimedia, Office Equipment and Computers.


The Sollatek AVR1200 is a state of the art solid-state stabilizer. Using microprocessor technology, the AVR will rapidly detect voltage variations and correct the output to ensure 240V (+/-4%) supply. When used with a HiVolt Guard or AVS13 on the output of the AVR, this unit provides the ultimate protection for delicate electronic equipment in areas of persistent high, low or fluctuating voltage.

The Sollatek AVR has a very wide input range (-30% to +22%) and a voltage correction speed of 1250Volts per second. No mechanical parts means that the AVR doesn’t require maintenance and will not be affected by dusty environments as other mechanical (for example Servo type) stabilizers.


LED display – A 17 Light Emitting Diodes (LED) display is built on the front panel. This display provides the following indications:

  • Input Voltage – 7 LEDs indicate the state of the incoming voltage. At a glance, it is possible to see the level of under-voltage or over-voltage.
  • Output Voltage – 5 LEDs indicate the state of the output voltage. A 0% indication shows the output voltage reaching your equipment is at the correct nominal voltage.
  • Load Current – 5 LEDs display the percentage of rated current the load is drawing through the AVR. Although the Sollatek AVR will withstand 110% overload for long durations, it is never recommended to overload any equipment. The overload indication makes it possible to reduce the load, allowing the AVR to work safely. If the overload persists then the Sollatek AVR will disconnect the load for protection.



Sollatek is a world leader in the field of voltage regulation and protection. Wherever mains supply is erratic and unreliable, Sollatek has the ideal solution to protect all your domestic, commercial and industrial installations. And enabling your appliances to operate efficiently, wherever you are in the world.

From small domestic appliances (250VA) to large applications (500kVA), Sollatek can provide you with a solution. With single and three-phase applications available, the Sollatek range of voltage regulators is your answer in the most unstable of power conditions.

Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 145 × 285 × 212 mm




Model Number:



5 A


240 V


1.2 kVA

Case Material:


Case Type:


Ideal For:

Satellite/VSAT, Telecomm Equipment, Multimedia, Office Equipment and Computers.



Warranty & Support:

5-year warranty

What’s Included in the Package:

• 1 AVR1200 – AVR05-22

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