Sollatek Automatic Voltage Regulator – AVR20K


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  • High-voltage Protection
  • Low-voltage Protection
  • Spikes and Surges Protection
  • Basic Lightning Protection
  • USES: The AVR is ideal for all industrial, professional, and domestic applications
    • Suitable for large applications covering a small office to an entire apartment, a house or even a small workshop.
    • Ideal protection for Medical Equipment, Satellite/VSAT, Telecomm Equipment, Multimedia, Office Equipment, Computers and whole Buildings.

In stock


The Sollatek AVR is a state-of-the-art solid-state stabiliser. Using microprocessor technology, the AVR will rapidly detect voltage variations and correct the output to ensure a 230V (+/-4%) supply. The Sollatek AVR has a very wide input range (-30% to +22%) and a voltage correction speed of 1250 volts per second. No mechanical parts means that the AVR doesn’t require maintenance and will not be affected by dusty environments as other mechanical (for example Servo type) stabilisers.


  • Fully electronic with no moving parts
  • Microprocessor controlled – high speed response
  • High overload capability with up to 150% for 4 minutes


Available from 4.5kVA (at 230V supply) up to 100kVA (260 Amps at 230V) and built into a tower metal enclosure with a small footprint of 215 x 347 mm (for models up to AVR40-22). Included as standard, this range of AVRs includes an LCD which provides input voltage, output voltage and output current monitoring.

Using state-of-the-art technology the Sollatek AVR displays load current in real-time, input voltage and output voltage (the display toggles between input and output voltage, using a switch).




Sollatek is a leader worldwide in voltage regulation and protection. With over thirty-five years of experience, Sollatek manufactures innovative products for power control, energy saving, temperature control, and solar energy. The company’s head office is located in the United Kingdom, where engineering, production, sales, marketing, and logistics are based. Sollatek has a network of partners worldwide.

Wherever there are issues with erratic and unreliable mains supply, Sollatek offers solutions to protect domestic, commercial, and industrial installations, ensuring efficient operation of appliances worldwide. Whether for small domestic appliances (250VA) or large applications (500kVA), Sollatek provides solutions for single and three-phase applications, offering voltage regulators to address even the most unstable power conditions.


Additional information

Weight 114 kg
Dimensions 350 × 350 × 585 mm




Model Number:



85 A


240 V


20 kVA

Case Material:

Galvanised steel construction with high anti-corrosion paint finish



Optional Extras:

For all Three Phase AVR’s available upon request:
1. AVS Function
2. DSP Function (for protection against lightning)
3. Circuit Breaker option(recommended to be used)
4. Manual Bypass option(recommended to be used)
5. Outdoor enclosure (IP44)

Ideal For:

Used by large organizations including:
• Satellite operators
• Infrastructure telecom companies
• Embassies worldwide for reliable electrification of their posts
• Medical systems for digital imaging, scanning and X-ray equipment
• Mobile phone operators
• Grid utility companies for voltage regulation to their sub-stations
• Various United Nations divisions including WHO, UNICEF and WFP

Warranty & Support:

2-year warranty; Sollatek provides full back support at the local service centres

What’s Included in the Package:

• 1 AVR20KVA


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