Sollatek Automatic Voltage Regulator Three Phase – AVR 150KVA


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  • High-voltage Protection
  • Low-voltage Protection
  • Spikes and Surges Protection
  • Basic Lightning Protection
  • Power-Back Surge Protection
  • Fully electronic with no moving parts
  • USES: Suitable for large organizations.
  • Ideal protection for Medical Systems, Satellite Equipment, Telecomm Equipment, Multimedia, Office Equipment, Computers and whole Buildings.

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The Sollatek three-phase AVR is made of three identical single-phase regulator units providing independent control. The three-phase range boasts the same standard features with one of the widest ranges as standard in the industry. Each of these monitors its own output voltage and adjusts for variations in mains supply voltage. This will maintain an output voltage within close limits.

The standard Sollatek three-phase AVRs all feature the same input voltage range as standard (-30% to +22%), making them ideal for all applications where the voltage supply is erratic. A number of optional equipment are available, making the three-phase range a very comprehensive source of secure, stable power.


The Sollatek three-phase AVR range is easy to order. All units are rated by the number of AMPS per phase and the input/output voltage. For example:


Sollatek is a world leader in the field of voltage regulation and protection. Established for over thirty-five years, Sollatek is a manufacturer of innovative products in power control, energy saving, temperature control, and solar energy. With its head office in the United Kingdom – where engineering, production, sales, marketing and logistics are located – Sollatek has a network of partners across the globe.
Wherever mains supply is erratic and unreliable, Sollatek has the ideal solution to protect all your domestic, commercial and industrial installations. And enabling your appliances to operate efficiently, wherever you are in the world.

From small domestic appliances (250VA) to large applications (500kVA), Sollatek can provide you with a solution. With single and three-phase applications available, the Sollatek range of voltage regulators is your answer in the most unstable of power conditions.


Additional information

Weight 369 kg




Model Number:



217 A


240 V


150 kVA

Case Material:




Optional Extras:

For all Three Phase AVR’s available upon request:
1. AVS Function
2. DSP Function (for protection against lightning)
3. Circuit Breaker option(recommended to be used)
4. Manual Bypass option(recommended to be used)
5. Outdoor enclosure (IP44)

Ideal For:

Used by large organizations including:
• Satellite operators
• Infrastructure telecom companies
• Embassies worldwide for reliable electrification of their posts
• Medical systems for digital imaging, scanning and X-ray equipment
• Mobile phone operators
• Grid utility companies for voltage regulation to their sub-stations
• Various United Nations divisions including WHO, UNICEF and WFP

Warranty & Support:

2-year warranty; Sollatek provides full back support at the local service centres

What’s Included in the Package:

• 1 AVR150KVA


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Sollatek Automatic Voltage Regulator Three Phase – AVR 150KVA


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