Sollatek FreoGuard 16


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  • High-voltage Protection
  • Low-voltage Protection
  • Spikes and Surges Protection
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Uses the Sollatek TimeSave™ feature
  • Water splash proof for rugged application
  • Circuit encapsulated and hermetically sealed for protection against moisture, dust and insects
  • Simple to connect with 3 industry standard 0.25" spade terminals
  • suitable for push-on crimps
  • 16 Amps capacity to handle almost all single-phase refrigeration applications
  • Can handle inrush current of 4-5 times its rating (70amps for the FG16)
  • Power-Back Surge Protection; 3 MIN intelligent start-up delay
  • USES: Suitable for air conditioners, fridge/freezers, bottle coolers, motors & pumps up to 16 Amps or 12,000 BTU

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Complete voltage protection for fridges and freezers from all power supply fluctuations.

Motors generally, and refrigeration compressors specifically are susceptible to damage from under-voltage. The motor (particularly the compressor in a refrigeration system) draws more current to compensate for the lower mains supply voltage, burning out its windings, or at least reducing its useful life.

Over-voltage is potentially damaging to all electrical and electronic equipment. One particularly damaging condition can occur when the supply returns after the mains has been off, as the reinstatement of the supply is frequently accompanied by high voltage surges and transients. The FreoGuard protect equipment by disconnecting the mains supply when it goes either below or above pre-set acceptable limits. It also has an Intelligent time delay* providing added protection against frequent stops and starts. Intelligent Start-up delay: By monitoring the mains supply at all times, if the unit has been switched off for a long period, the Freoguard reduces its own start-up delay to maximize operation time.


TIMESAVE™ Description

The FreoGuard has a built-in microprocessor which adds the advanced feature TimeSave™, meaning when the mains returns to normal, the FreoGuard checks the duration of the OFF time. If the unit has been off for more than 3 minutes then it will reconnect the mains within 30 seconds rather than the standard 3 minutes. This means the Sollatek FreoGuard will give you more vital working time than any other protection unit.

Additional information

Weight 0.136 kg
Dimensions 37 × 90 × 72 mm




Model Number:

FG16-230v (92344000)

Wait Time:

180 Sec

Maximum Current:

16 Amps

Ideal For:

Air Conditioners, Fridge/Freezers, Bottle Coolers, Motors & Pumps up to 16A or 12,000 BTU



What’s Included in the Package:

• 1 FG16-230v (92344000)


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