Sollatek LCD Ultima UPS 650


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  • Built-in stabiliser function with boost and buck
  • Microprocessor controlled line interactive UPS
  • Spikes and Surges Protection
  • Low and High Voltage Protection
  • Power-back Surges Protection
  • Short Circuit and Overload Protection
  • DC Start function
  • Auto restart while AC recovery
  • Compact size and lightweight
  • Provides modem/phone line surge protection
  • USES: Uninterruptible Power Supply for Computers, Servers, Modems, Routers, TVs, Multimedia, Cash Machines & Telephones

In stock


The Sollatek Ultima Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) comes in 650VA. It is the perfect line-interactive UPS for stand-alone PCs and SoHo workstations. The Ultima provides a solidly reliable source of back-up computing power. Enabling all computer users to remain wholly productive especially in regions of uncertain electricity supply- Ultima boasts a wealth of superlative features at a competitively low price.

About the Sollatek Ultima LCD UPS

With its unique LCD screen, the new Sollatek Ultima range gives you more. The Ultima LCD UPS is more interactive allowing you to monitor its performance and get the best from your electrical equipment.

Power problems can threaten your business and affect productivity, performance and profitability. The busier and more complex your computer network, the greater the risk. That is why it is essential to have an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to protect your business.

With the potential price of a power failure, there is the added risk of commercial security compromising the safety of your systems. The Ultima LCD UPS is safe and reliable and engineered by a name you can trust, Sollatek.


Practical and Useful Features

  • LCD readout displaying the voltage levels, battery charge and load level
  • Microprocessor controlled line interactive UPS
  • Automatic Voltage Stabiliser with two boost and one buck taps
  • RS232 and USB communications port with software for controlling the PC for safe shutdown and UPS parameter reporting via a user-friendly interface.
  • Unique system for charging the battery even during a brownout (If the load is off)
  • Cold start feature for load shedding environments
  • Bad battery detection and advance replacement notification (3 months ahead)
  • Free power monitoring and PC shutdown software included
  • Green power function for energy saving
  • Auto restart while AC recovery


Additional information

Weight 4.250 kg
Dimensions 287 × 100 × 142 mm




Model Number:

LCD Ultima UPS 650


650VA/ 360W

Input Voltage:

220/230/240 VAC

Input Voltage Range:

162-270 VAC

Output Voltage Regulation:


Output Transfer Time:

Typical 2-6 ms, 10 ms max.

Output Waveform:

Simulated Sine Wave

Battery Type & Number:

12V/ 7 Ahx1

Battery Charging Time:

4-6 hours recovery to 90% capacity

Ideal For:

Uninterruptible Power Supply for Computers, Servers, Modems, Routers, TVs, Multimedia, Cash Machines & Telephones



Warranty & Support:

2-year warranty on UPS, 1-year on battery. Sollatek provides full support at the local service centres

What’s Included in the Package:

• 1 LCD Ultima UPS 650 Unit


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