Sollatek Maxima 3kVA WL (3000VA)


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  • 3kVA online inverter
  • Sinewave output
  • Solid-state technology
  • Overvoltage protection (400V continuous)
  • Class II surge & spike protection
  • Full stabilisation with input voltage range: 110-300V
  • Charger current : 40A
  • System voltage: 48V
  • Full LCD display
  • SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol)
  • Wall mount enclosure
  • USES: Uninterruptible Power Supply for Data Centres, Computers, Medical Equipment, Bank ATMs & Telecom Units

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The Sollatek Maxima 3kVA Inverter is an online inverter combined with a 40Amps charger to ensure that the load, no matter how sensitive, will never experience a break in power supply. Designed for 48v systems, it is ideal for banking, telecom and all applications which require a long run of backup power with fast charging when mains power resumes.

About the Maxima Wall Mount Inverter

The Sollatek Powersure series is a rugged range of UPS and Inverters. The Maxima 3K-WL is a particularly rich-featured online inverter that is built for most demanding applications when long runtimes are required during prolonged power cuts.

This Maxima has a powerful 40Amp charger combined with online technology, ensuring that the load, no matter how sensitive, will never experience a break in the supply. Designed for a 48V systems to allow a professional configuration of batteries. Ideal for use in banking, telecom and all applications that require a long run of backup power combined with speed of charging when the mains return. This is made possible by its powerful 40A charger.

A typical application (like ATMs or telecom) would have the following configuration: 24 x 2V Gel batteries (like VRLA) would provide up to 12 hours of backup on full load (3kVA) or 24 hours on half load (1.5kVA) or 48 hours on quarter load (600VA).

The batteries will then recharge fully in 8 hours on return of mains.

Main Features and Benefits

  • Can operate in extreme voltage range of 110-300V
  • Has over-voltage protection combined with Class II surge protection
  • Wall mount enclosure to allow versatility in installation whilst occupying a small footprint of real estate.
  • Fully protected with input & output circuit breakers
  • Air cooling using temperature-controlled fans to ensure they operate when needed.
  • User-friendly and safe dual compartment of installation terminals separated from main power electronics.
  • SNMP interface to allow LAN monitoring of the performance of the Maxima.


Suitable for any application that requires power backup in case of power cuts. An ideal clean, safe and economic replacement to diesel generators and especially suited for applications where long battery runs may be critical;

  • Bank ATMS
  • Data centres
  • Computers
  • Telecom applications
  • Medical applications
  • Any critical electrical & electronic application



Additional information

Weight 25.0 kg




Model Number:

Maxima 3k WL


3000VA / 2400 W

Input Voltage:

230 VAC

Input Voltage Range:

100 – 290 VAC

Input Frequency:

50/60 Hz (auto sensing)

Output AC Voltage Regulation (Batt. Mode):


Output Transfer Time:

13 ms (typical)

Output Waveform (Batt. Mode):

Simulated Sinewave

Output Peak Efficiency (AC Mode):

> 95% @ Rated R load and battery full charged


Full Protection; overload, deep discharge, overcharge, and short circuit protection




Type I&II

Nominal Discharge Current (8/20 µs)/pole [In]:


Maximum Discharge Current (8/20 µs)/pole [Imax]:


Unit’s Total kA:

120kA (8/20µs) / 50kA (10/350µs)

Voltage Protection Level [Up]:


Impulse Discharge Current (10/350u/pole) [Iimp]:


Ideal For:

Uninterruptible Power Supply for Data Centres, Computers, Medical Equipment, Bank ATMs & Telecom Units



Warranty & Support:

2-year warranty on UPS, 1-year on battery. Sollatek provides full support at the local service centres

What’s Included in the Package:

• Maxima 3kVA WL (3000VA) Unit


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