Sollatek NotebookGuard (Discontinued in Region)




  • High-voltage Protection
  • Spikes and Surges Protection
  • Power-Back Surge Protection; 10 Sec start-up delay
  • USES: NotebookGuard is ideal for over-voltage protection for Notebooks, Laptops, Satellite Dishes and Decoders up to 2 Amps


The NotebookGuard is a plug-in adaptor that prevents damage to equipment from high voltage levels of any duration. It works by disconnecting power when voltage levels exceed set parameters. Reconnection takes place when power returns inside parameters for a pre-set period. Fully automatic in operation. The NotebookGuard provides power-back surge protection as standard by its in-built start-up delay and voltage monitoring. Additionally, the NotebookGuard includes surge and spike protection.



Protects against high voltage, and power-back surges. These conditions are harmful to electrical and electronic equipment and especially I.T equipment. This can cause loss of data, computer ‘freezes’ and permanent damage. By disconnecting the power when it is bad, the NotebookGuard safeguards against short term and long term damage to ensure higher efficiency from your appliances. Re-connects after a delay, thereby ensuring the stability of the power supply and keeping your laptop battery fully charged. Indicators clearly display the status of the NotebookGuard. Available with both ‘figure 8’ and ‘cloverleaf’ connections. Compatible design to fit easily in your travel bag. Universal voltage for worldwide use.

Additional information

Weight 0.113 kg
Dimensions 116 × 32 × 29 mm




Model Number:


Connector Type:

Cloverleaf, Figure 8

Wait Time:

10 Sec

Maximum Current Rating:

Cloverleaf: 2A @ 115V, Figure 8: 1A @ 250V

Maximum Power Rating:

150 Watts (250V)

Mains Surge/Spike Response Time:


Mains Max Spike/Surge Discharge:

Cloverleaf: 13.5kA, Figure 8: 9kA >3kA (8/20μs surges)

Spike Protection: Cloverleaf: 240J Figure 8: 160J

Cloverleaf: 240J, Figure 8: 160J

Mains Disconnect Response Time:


Ideal For:

Notebooks, Laptops, Satellite Dishes and Decoders up to 2 Amps



What’s Included in the Package:

1 NBG-C NotebookGuard–Cloverleaf (9266C000), 1 NBG-8 NotebookGuard– Figure 8 (92668000)


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