Sollatek PowerBack Inverter Charger 5000VA (5kVA) – PB5000S


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  • Comprehensive LCD display
  • High efficient DC-to-AC conversion minimizing energy loss
  • Overload, short circuit, high-temperature protection
  • Fully configurable by end-user
  • Total load capacity of 3000 VA
  • System battery 24V
  • Highly efficient back up when critically needed
  • Clean, reliable, Pure Sinewave power
  • USES: Supports Home Appliances / Office Equipment/ Lighting Equipment/ Motor-based Equipment (such as Fan, Air-Conditioner, Washing Machines)

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The Sollatek PowerBack Inverter 5000VA (5kVA) is a single-phase inverter with an inbuilt battery charger. The PB5000S incorporates comprehensive surge protection and AVS function. It is a highly efficient pure sine wave unit and features Line interactive with faster transfer time and intelligent charging to reduce recharge time. The PB5000S incorporates overload, short circuit and high-temperature protection.

About the Sollatek PowerBack Inverter

The Sollatek PowerBack S range – is an inverter/charger unit that will accept Mains as well as Solar charging. This Linear/Transformer-less range is suitable for high-performance applications and is especially useful in remote areas where mains charging is scarce and solar availability is abundant. The PowerBack can provide mains-like power for all your essential appliances and lights. The PowerBack charges the batteries when mains power is available.

The backup time the PowerBack can provide in a power cut depends on its overall capacity (determined by the number of the batteries connected and their state of charge), as well as the type and number of appliances connected to it.

Main Features and Benefits:

  • Solar charging input up to 3750Wp (depending on model)
  • Selectable charging current up to 25Amps (depending on model)
  • Suitable for all type of appliances and electrical and electronic equipment
  • Compact size (excluding batteries and installation accessories)
  • Highly efficient back up when critically needed
  • Built-in MPPT solar charge controller for optimum harvest sun power
  • Fast transfer time (20 milliseconds) comparable to offline/line interactive UPS
  • Transfer time configurable to cope with Genset output power
  • Three-step intelligent charging to reduce recharge time
  • Intelligent fan cooling determined by the load
  • Supports heavy-duty appliances like air conditioners
  • Multiple operation modes to meet every configuration with Solar and mains
  • Low battery alarm
  • Compact in size (excluding batteries and installation accessories)
  • Rack design & wall-mounted design for flexible installation



Additional information

Weight 9.0 kg
Dimensions 350 × 110 × 407 mm




Model Number:

Powerback PB5000S


Mains Power Specification:

Rated Output Power:

5000VA / 4200W

Input Voltage Waveform:

Sinusoidal (Utility Or Generator)

Nominal Input Voltage:

230 Vac

Low Line Disconnect:

170Vac (normal), 90Vac (Generator/wide range)

Low Line Re-connect:

180Vac (normal), 100Vac (Generator/wide range)

High Line Disconnect:


High Line Re-connect:


Maximum Max AC Input Voltage:

300Vac rms

Nominal Input Frequency:

50/60 Hz (Auto Detection)

Low Line Frequency Disconnect:


High Line Frequency Disconnect:


Output Waveform:

Sinusoidal (utility or generator)

Efficiency (line Mode):

> 95%

Transfer Switch Rating:

40 A

Transfer Time (AC to DC):

10ms (typical), 20ms (Gen Mode)

Transfer Time (DC to AC):

10ms (typical), 20ms (Gen Mode)


Inverter Mode Specification:

Output Voltage Waveform:

Pure sine wave

Power Factor:


Output Frequency(Hz):

50Hz / 60Hz ± 1Hz

Nominal Efficiency:


Overload Protection:

Fault after 5s@≥150% load, fused
fault after 10s@110%~150% load

Surge Rating:


Capable of Starting Electric Motor:


Output Short Circuit Protection:

Current limit (fault after 4 cycles max)current limit (fault after 4 cycles max)

Nominal DC Input Voltage:


Low DC Shut-Down:

40.0 ± 1.2Vdc

High DC Shut-Down:


Power Saver Setting:

0W (Set “OFF” at LCD)


Charge Mode Specification:

Input Voltage Range:

180V~ 270Vac(Normal range), 100V~ 270Vac(wide range)

Nominal Output Voltage (V):

Depending on battery type

Nominal Charge:

• 20A(95-175v,gen/wide only)
• 35A(175-275v)@35A setting
• 20A(175v-275v)@20A setting

Charger Short Circuit Protection:

Automatic unit shutdown

Over Charge Protection:

Bat. V ≥60Vdc, Fault, Buzzer alarm

Charge Algorithm:

Three stage. CC.CV AND FLOAT

Battery Nominal Voltage:

48 V


CC/CV 58.4 – Float 53.6


CC/CV 56.4 – Float 54


General Specifications

Safety Certification:

CE (EN60950)

EMI Classification:

EN62040-2 C2

Environment Operating Temp. Deg C.:


Storage Temperature. Deg C.:

-15 to 50

Altitude, Operational:

Elevation <1500m

Relative Humidity:

5% to 95% non-condensing

Audible Noise:

60dB max


Forced air, variable speed fan.

Ideal For:

All types of appliances (including heavy-duty Air conditioners), electrical and electronic equipment.



Warranty & Support:

2-year warranty on UPS, 1-year on battery. Sollatek provides full support at the local service centres

What’s Included in the Package:

• PowerBack Inverter 5000VA (5kVA) – PB5000S Unit


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Sollatek PowerBack Inverter Charger 5000VA (5kVA) – PB5000S


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