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  • High-voltage Protection
  • Low-voltage Protection
  • Spikes and Surges Protection
  • Power-Back Surge Protection; 30 Sec start-up delay
  • USES:VoltGuard is ideal for over-voltage & under-voltage protection for TVs, media centres, computers & monitors, PABX & Fax machines, domestic fridges & freezers. All electronic equipment up to 7 Amps

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Low power (under-voltage) will damage any refrigeration appliance’s compressor and High Power (Over voltage) will damage any electrical or electronic equipment. The VoltGuard combines the protection of the FridgeGuard and HivoltGuard by disconnecting the power when it goes below or above un-acceptable level. Additionally, there is a delay when power returns to normal. This will ensure that the appliance is not switched on-off repeatedly during fluctuations nor it is subjected to a massive surge normally experienced when power returns after power cuts.



AVS™ function

The VOLTGUARD will disconnect the power to your appliance if the mains goes below or above (user adjustable using iSense™) pre-set limits. The VOLTGUARD will re-connect automatically only after the supply has returned to acceptable limits after the set delay time. You can set the standard delay time to 30 seconds or 3 minutes using the front dial.

TimeSave™ function

With a built-in TimeSave™ function, the VOLTGUARD will reconnect automatically in 10 seconds if the unit has been switched off for more than the set standard delay (30 seconds or 3 minutes), thereby ensuring longer operating time and reducing unnecessary longer startup delay.

iSense™ function

The iSense™ technology allows you to control how sensitive the VOLTGUARD is to voltage problems. Using the iSense™ dial you can set the desired level of protection and startup delay.


Additional information

Weight 0.190 kg
Dimensions 140 × 60 × 90 mm




Model Number:

VoltGuard- UK (92625000)

Max Power:

7 Amps

Wait Time:

User adjustable 30 Sec OR 3 Min

Ideal For:

TV, Video, Hi-Fi, PABX, Fax machines, Fridges, domestic freezers and all electronic equipment up to 7 amps



What’s Included in the Package:

• 1 VoltGuard- UK (92625000)


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