Tronic 10m Box Extension Reel (E86613)


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  • Impact-resistant shell with internal reel
  • Flush & recessed power inlet sockets
  • Neon power indicator
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Tested to BS EN 61242: 1998
  • USES: Suitable for accessing power away from the main power source

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Tough impact resistant compact box reel ideal for home, garden & light industrial applications. The Tronic cable Reel is designed to give years of trouble-free, safe use and include a lot of great features.


TRONIC is a leading supplier of electrical and lighting solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications throughout the Middle East and Africa. Founded in 1993, TRONIC actively works to promote international standards and is uniquely placed to cater to infrastructure projects across Africa.

With a presence in over 10 African countries, TRONIC is constantly tracking market trends, and are focused on product development to meet the customer’s needs. Offering energy savings without compromising performance, efficiency and comfort. TRONIC’s high-performance lighting solutions cater to a wide range of applications such as sports, roads, tunnels, cityscape, office, education and industry.



Quality: Products made with the highest standards, designed to fit specific household, business and industry needs.

Efficiency: Products that are less energy-consuming; saving consumers’ time and money.

Durability: Products that last longer than competitor brands, as well as being designed to withstand everyday use.

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Additional information


UB Range



Model Number:



10 metres

Cable Types:

VDE approved – H05 VVF & H07 RNF – AWG, UL approved – SJW, SJOW & SJTW

Plug & Sockets:

4 x 240V, 13A 4 Gang socket outlet



What’s Included in the Package:

• 1 Extension Reel 10 m (ER E86613)

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