Tronic Three-Phase Full-Automatic AC Voltage Stabilizer 100 kVA (HS 100K-TP-SBW)


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  • Overvoltage Protection
  • Undervoltage (Output) Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Phase Failure Protection
  • Three Stabilizers connected with Y-connection
  • Small Volume; less weight
  • Full-Automatic, Fully Electric
  • USES: Suitable for household appliances, schools, research units, laboratories, radio and television equipment, textile machinery, factories and mines and processing equipment, where there’s a need for voltage stabilization

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TRONIC Full-Automatic Voltage Stabilizer adopts lead-edge digital technologies, sampling, analyzing and controlling the function of stabilization and protection to accomplish full functions precise movements and reliable operations. It is controlled by a CPU, and it has an elegant appearance, a wide range for stabilizing voltage and no additional distortion. Overvoltage protection and short circuit protection are included in the stabilizer, which makes the Tronic Stabilizer an ideal AC voltage-stabilized power supply.

HSJW three-phase AC voltage stabilizer provides:

  • This product is constructed by connecting three stabilizers with a Y-connection
  • Wide input voltage range, high efficiency, high regulation accuracy, same input and output voltage waveform, small volume, less weight.


TRONIC is a leading supplier of electrical and lighting solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications throughout the Middle East and Africa. Founded in 1993, TRONIC actively works to promote international standards and is uniquely placed to cater to infrastructure projects across Africa.

With a presence in over 10 African countries, TRONIC is constantly tracking market trends and is focused on product development to meet the customer’s needs. Offering energy savings without compromising performance, efficiency and comfort. TRONIC’s high-performance lighting solutions cater to a wide range of applications such as sports, roads, tunnels, cityscapes, offices, education and industry.



Quality: Products made with the highest standards, designed to fit specific household, business and industry needs.

Efficiency: Products that are less energy-consuming; saving consumers’ time and money.

Durability: Products that last longer than competitor brands, as well as being designed to withstand everyday use.

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Additional information

Dimensions 850 × 645 × 1460 mm

HS Range



Model Number:


Rated Capacity:

100 kVA

Output Voltage (Accuracy of stabilized voltage):

380 V ±4%

Output Voltage (Undervoltage Protection):

320±7 V (not for standard product) can be customized

Output Voltage (Overvoltage Protection):

425±7 V

Range of Input Voltage:

260-430 V, 304-456 V

Voltage-regulating Speed:

<1 sec (variation of input voltage is 10%)

Max Rated Current (A):

2.3 (1.5kVA), 4.6 (3kVA), 6.8 (4.5kVA), 9.1 (6kVA), 13.7 (9kVA), 22.8 (15kVA), 30.4 (20kVA), 45.6 (30kVA), 68 (45kVA), 91 (60kVA)

Rated Current:Insulation Resistance (MΩ):

≥ 5

Withstand Voltage (V/1min):


Temperature Rise:

<80 K


50/60 Hz



Display Mode:

Dial Meter (Panel Meter) or LED or LCD


Servo motor




EN 61000-6-2/ EN61000-6-4/EN61558-1




Optional Extra, Available Upon Request:
• By-pass Fan
• Temperature rise protection
• Overload Protection
• Input Undervoltage Protection
• Time delay

Place for Installing:

No gas, steam, chemical deposition, dust, dirt, or explosion and corrosive mediums seriously affecting the electric insulation, and there is no serious vibration or bump.

Warranty & Support:

2-year warranty

What’s Included in the Package:

• 1 HS 100K-TP-SBW
• Installation manual


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